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Patria Cocina

We are excited to offer you a Mexican dining experience like no other. Fresh, authentic high-quality ingredients are our specialty. You will be transported to different regions of Mexico through our food, ambiance, and drinks.

We were raised in Jalisco and Michoacán, Mexico and later settled in California; the valley to be exact. Our Mexican roots are in beaded in us and it's a beautiful thing. Our family taught us at an early age the importance of using good quality ingredients when cooking. Growing up we grew an array of chilies, fruits, vegetables and herbs in our backyard to have access to the freshest of ingredients. We knew that we wanted to maintain that freshness when we opened Patria Cocina. We currently get our fresh high-quality produce delivered to us three times a week. We DO NOT use any canned sauces or salsa because that is not how we were taught to cook. All of our sauces and salsas are made with fresh ingredients that everyone can pronounce. No additives, artificial syrups or dyes are ever added to our food, agua frescas, or margaritas.